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Sunday Morning Service


10:30 AM

Join us Sunday mornings for worship!

We all come together at the barn with one intention, to worship God. 

It's a laid back time, with a "come as you are" feel. Whether you're straight out of the hayfield in your jeans and white tee shirt, or in your best Sunday suit all we care about is that you're there to seek Jesus.

Kids' Church



Kids Church is a fun and interactive program that focuses on teaching the gospel to children from preschool to 7th grade. Our program is designed engage kids in a hands-on learning experience that will help grow in their faith and understanding of God's love. Join us for a time of worship games, and learning that your child will love!

Mid-Week Bible Study



If you have trouble just sitting and reading your Bible by yourself, you're not alone. Our weekly Bible Study has been an amazing thing since day one. 

It's a simple layout. We're reading through the Bible one Book at a time. Each week you'll have a number of Chapters to read from that Book. As you read, just write down any questions you have. Then bring those questions to the Study, and we'll answer and talk about them as we discuss what we've read.

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